工程师是创造性的问题解决者. By combining mathematical theory with physical and biological sciences, engineers design practical solutions that make life work for everyone.

At ayx爱游戏app登录入口 you'll learn to understand how things work and the physical forces behind it. 更重要的是, you'll discover how to use cutting edge technology to create change that matters. Clean 水, sustainable energy, medical technology, 运输 that eases congestion - engineers use their skills to improve quality of life across the globe.



  • 普通本科一年级: Bachelor of 工程 students have the chance to try all study areas before selecting a major in second year.
  • 11个专业可供选择: 本科生可以选择建筑学专业, 生物医学, 民事, 电脑, 电, 环境, 材料, 机械, 机械电子, 采矿或电信工程.
  • 选择多于一个: The undergraduate program allows you to specialise in a particular field, 或者将互补的专业结合在一起 双学位.



  • 行业合作: ayx爱游戏app登录入口 has a strong engineering 研究 reputation in 协作 with industry.
  • 接触专家:向行业客座讲师学习.
  • 会注意到: Enter local and international creative design competitions.
  • 得到回报:获得行业资助的奖学金或学员资格.
  • 旅行: 研究 a short course at our partner institutes in China and Dubai.



  • 认证: 你的ayx爱游戏app登录入口工程学位由 澳大利亚的工程师. Under the Washington Accord you have a passport to work as an engineer in many other countries including US, UK, 加拿大, 日本, 东南亚和南亚.
  • 职业发展: All postgraduate programs count for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours/points with 澳大利亚的工程师 to attain and maintain Chartered Status.
  • 研究生的研究: Postgraduate and CPD courses offer flexible delivery to fit around your life, 以分组会议的形式举办讲习班.




  • 实践学习: You'll use a wide range of technologies, media, tools and platforms to learn, create and connect.
  • 专用设备: Learn in over 100 engineering laboratories and workshops – some of the best in Australia. 
  • 研究中心: You'll benefit from learning in the home of the 可持续建筑研究中心, 智能基础设施, 澳大利亚创新材料研究所, 和分子视野设施.




  • 准备: Take a Customised Lean 工程 Start-Up subject to develop your entrepreneurial skills while you study.
  • 连接:成为…的一部分 iAccelerate, ayx爱游戏app登录入口独特的商业加速器项目,创业公司, 按比例增长的, 社会企业和内部企业家蓬勃发展.
  • 合作伙伴: Benefit from strong connections with start-up incubators which can help fund business ideas into action.


ayx爱游戏app登录入口 is a member of the Group of Eight (Go8) Deans of 工程 and Associates. This achievement is a direct result of our world class reputation in teaching and 研究.



ayx爱游戏app登录入口 工程 and 技术 received 5-star ratings for full-time employment and learner engagement.



At ayx爱游戏app登录入口, you'll develop real-world practical skills and content, not just theory. The latest QILT Employer Satisfaction Survey ranked employers’ overall satisfaction with ayx爱游戏app登录入口 graduates at 89.6%,在新南威尔士州大学中排名第一.

工程思维很受欢迎, offering a practical way of learning to understand and develop and then continuously improve solutions to technical and social problems. 以下是一些你可以追求的职业:

  • 建筑工程师
  • 生物医学工程师
  • 电脑设计师
  • 计算机系统工程师
  • 土木工程师
  • 施工经理
  • 电子工程师
  • 电气工程师
  • 环境工程师
  • 岩土工程师
  • 材料工程师
  • 机械工程师
  • 冶金家
  • 采矿工程师
  • 网络工程师
  • 生产工程师
  • 安全工程师
  • 软件工程师
  • 结构工程师
  • 系统分析师
  • 电信工程师
  • 运输工程师
  • 水质经理 



我一直想对尸体做点什么. At first I thought I'd do physiotherapy, but felt there wasn't enough maths in it. In my first year at ayx爱游戏app登录入口 there'd often be mentions of prosthetics. I could see how the two fields were linked and how engineering principles could be used to create new solutions for clinicians. 西沃恩· 工学博士候选人. Bachelor of 机械工程师ing (Honours) (Dean's Scholar) - Bachelor of Exercise Science.




The onsite SBRC facility is addressing the challenge of transforming our built environment into sustainable, 有弹性和有效的生活和工作的地方.

Engineer works in a lab at the 智能基础设施


SMART汇集了铁路等领域的专家, 基础设施, 运输, 水, energy and economics to help governments and businesses better plan for the future.

Lloyd Nicol stands in front of the winning Solar Decathlon sustainble house


在可持续发展街亲身体验, 爱游戏app网页版的住宅原型建筑群, and have the chance to take part in a competition that challenges teams to design and construct solar-powered houses.

爱游戏app网页版无所畏惧地追求爱游戏app网页版的目标. At ayx爱游戏app登录入口, you'll have ground-breaking 研究 at your fingertips.


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