Stand out from the crowd and get involved with ayx爱游戏app登录入口x recognised co-curricular opportunities. 找到角色, programs and workshops beyond the classroom to develop personally and professionally, 提升你的大学经历.


When you're at university you don't just learn in the classroom there are so many activities to get involved in. 一些与你的课程作业有关,另一些则是完全不同的学科.

通过所有这些活动, 你不仅玩得开心,认识了新朋友, 但你也在学习很多不同的技能.

ayx爱游戏app登录入口x connects you with the valuable co-curricular activities that are on offer at the University of Wollongong and recognises the knowledge and skills you've acquired when you graduate.

Getting involved is a fun and exciting way to engage with your peers and create networks that can support you long into the workforce once you leave ayx爱游戏app登录入口. 雇主 get excited about creative graduates who can move with the ever-changing workforce.

ayx爱游戏app登录入口x recognises over 170 co-curricular activities on campus so no matter what you're studying you can find something that's right for you. The personal and professional development that you gain through these activities is formally recognised through the ayx爱游戏app登录入口x Record, 学习流奖和ayx爱游戏app登录入口x奖.

Awarded at graduation, the ayx爱游戏app登录入口x Record is a transcript of your co-curricular involvement. This formal endorsement from the university showcases your development as an aspiring professional.

So I started ayx爱游戏app登录入口x as soon as I heard about it which was during orientation week; so I've been at it more or less since day one.

They run a whole different range of programs that you can engage with so these are often like customised towards the students so one was about public speaking, 另一个是关于领导力的,所以我非常喜欢那些研讨会.

Being able to come out at the end of a degree not just like a piece of paper saying I have completed a degree in X, Y, 而且我还拥有一份证明我已经成长为一个人的证书, I have a range of skills that I've been able to develop and engage with outside of my degree it was really important.

All of the ayx爱游戏app登录入口x recognised activities are categorised into seven different learning streams. 学生 who are committed to a particular learning stream can apply for a ayx爱游戏app登录入口x 流学习奖.

你所需要做的就是完成两项课程活动, 一个研讨会或会议和一篇100字的反思文章. I'm a wellbeing student leader and I've been involved in that role since the beginning of the year. It has helped me develop confidence and organisational skills as well as social skills that will help me in my degree and later in life.

在我学习的最后一年, I intend to complete the ayx爱游戏app登录入口x奖 because it will help me stand out of the crowd and make me more employable when I graduate.

In addition to the ayx爱游戏app登录入口x Record, you can achieve the ayx爱游戏app登录入口x奖, a mark of an extraordinary graduate.

对于那些超越ayx爱游戏app登录入口x奖荣誉的人, 学生在整个学位期间的重要的课外ayx爱游戏app登录入口.

才有资格获得ayx爱游戏app登录入口x大奖, 你必须完成2个学习流奖项以及ayx爱游戏app登录入口x奖励计划. 申请奖项, you must complete a nomination form 12 months before you were expected to graduate.

Participating in a wide range of co-curricular activities has really helped to hone my skills and has given me a head start in my career. Making so many new friends and contacts made working towards the ayx爱游戏app登录入口x奖 really fun and rewarding. Plus, receiving the award has really given me the edge in the graduate careers market.

One of the best parts of studying at ayx爱游戏app登录入口 is that there are so many co-curricular activities on offer. 无论你是本科生还是研究生, 在ayx爱游戏app登录入口或地区或都会校区学习, 每个人都有适合自己的东西.

跳到ayx爱游戏app登录入口x网站,看看你今天如何ayx爱游戏app登录入口进来. 找到让自己与众不同的方法.

ayx爱游戏app登录入口x, ayx爱游戏app登录入口x, ayx爱游戏app登录入口x,非常特别.


如果你在ayx爱游戏app登录入口期间参加过课外活动, 确保你毕业时获得ayx爱游戏app登录入口x奖.



查看活动, 为ayx爱游戏app登录入口x认可的ayx爱游戏app登录入口x学生提供的课程和研讨会.

一旦您ayx爱游戏app登录入口了任何ayx爱游戏app登录入口x认可的活动, 你需要记录你的ayx爱游戏app登录入口,开始创建你的ayx爱游戏app登录入口x记录. 以正式的ayx爱游戏app登录入口x成绩毕业, you need to have met the minimum requirements for at least 1 ayx爱游戏app登录入口x recognised activity.

一旦您的ayx爱游戏app登录入口x记录上有一些ayx爱游戏app登录入口x识别的活动, 你可能有资格申请“学习流奖”. The 流学习奖s are an opportunity to display your dedication to a particular skill set. There are six streams in total and once approved, will be included on your ayx爱游戏app登录入口x Record.

If you have had significant engagement with ayx爱游戏app登录入口x recognised activities throughout your studies, you may be eligible to participate in the ayx爱游戏app登录入口x奖计划 and graduate with the ayx爱游戏app登录入口x奖.


In addition to helping connect you to valuable learning opportunities available to you across ayx爱游戏app登录入口, the ayx爱游戏app登录入口x team offer professional development workshops and programs that we encourage you to engage in throughout your time at ayx爱游戏app登录入口.

  • ayx爱游戏app登录入口x聊天 是一个与ayx爱游戏app登录入口x交谈的机会 & 职业大使,任何与ayx爱游戏app登录入口x相关的事情. 访问ayx爱游戏app登录入口x聊天页面,查看他们可以帮助您的潜在ayx爱游戏app登录入口x主题.
  • ayx爱游戏app登录入口x互动研讨会 由主要行业或社区客人提供帮助. Each seminar focuses on a different topic area and aims to develop a key skill in participants that today’s employers are seeking in ayx爱游戏app登录入口 graduates.
  • ayx爱游戏app登录入口x在线研讨会s are self-paced workshops that are a great opportunity for you to learn new skills. Each seminar is aligned with our learning streams and will take you about 2 hours to complete.
  • ayx爱游戏app登录入口x领导系列 一套工作坊是短的吗, 强大的, group-learning 经验s designed to take leadership and personal development theories, 并将它们转化为行动.
  • ayx爱游戏app登录入口x101程序 is an 8 week program for students just starting out on their ayx爱游戏app登录入口x journey and will provide you with the foundational knowledge you to need succeed with ayx爱游戏app登录入口x.
  • ayx爱游戏app登录入口x奖计划 is designed to be completed in the final year of your degree and includes a series of activities and workshops focused on student employability and professional development. 如果你想获得ayx爱游戏app登录入口x奖,你必须完成这个课程.